Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Galileas’s priority in teaching is to focus on building the technical foundation of students. By building a solid technique, students are then able to concentrate on developing and maturing musically. The combination of a solid technique and an inspirational musical playing, enables them to reach a professional level which will help them persue their goals in music.

Her teaching also emphasizes tone development and refinement. Especially in woodwind instruments, tone quality is of the essence. Dr. Galileas urges students to closely observe the performances of great flutists both as far as their technical abilities but also their musicality, tone colour and overall performance style.

Having completed the series of flute pedagogy courses both at Oberlin College and Indiana University, Nevart-Veron concentrates on the individuality of students realizing the importance of understanding their character and personality traits. This along with acknowledging their musical strengths and weaknesses can result in substantial progress and improvement of their playing.

Throughout her career Nevart-Veron has taught and given master classes at institutions and festivals in Europe and the US. Since 2006 Dr. Galileas has been the Woodwind Coordinator and Professor of Flute at the Neo Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Greece.